Vägen till Horton-vården

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In March 2018, our Heritage Fund job finished, where we, through our participants and also contacts with healthcare, mapped where our participants obtained look after Horton’s headaches. The objective was to put together a guide to exactly how to obtain a medical diagnosis as well as where the treatment is for Horton patients in Sweden.

The function of the project

Horton’s migraine is understood by a number of names, consisting of collection headaches and also self-destructive frustrations. Assaults by Hortons are among the worst pain conditions understood to clinical science. It is common to have continuous periods with a number of strikes each day.

There is no remedy, yet there is like participate in. There are emergency situation and preventative drugs, there is oxygen and there are different surgical procedures. Yet the vital to care is medical diagnosis, and expertise of Horton is reduced. The ordinary time to obtain a medical diagnosis is long from the moment you begin seeking treatment, not least if you deviate from the regular Horton patient.

There is no introduction of what care to discover offered, as well as expertise of Hortons is poor amongst medical professionals and other health care professionals. The treatment that a specific Horton individual can get is consequently to a large extent controlled by coincidence and many never ever receive an operating treatment.

We therefore performed a job where, through our participants as well as contacts with the treatment, we mapped where our participants were embeded the treatment, and also where they obtained treatment. Rather merely how to get a medical diagnosis and where the care is for Horton individuals in Sweden. Within the job, an unique part was additionally performed with a focus on youngsters and also youths, as children’s treatment landscape looks various than adults with unique units from pediatric neurology.

The end outcome was a functional overview to achieving this care with patient legal rights, legislations and also sensible devices.

You can buy the overview via our workplace or review it >>

A lot more about the job on Arvsfonden’s web pages.